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The Gold Standard



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Brannon Express prides itself in utilizling the best state-of-the-art and only fully robotic equipment in Kentucky. This patented technology that precisely contours vehicles of all shapes and sizes, from bumper to bumper. Its engineered water droplet technology combines the precision of vehicle contouring with the science of optimal impact angles to deliver far greater cleaning power to areas other systems can't effectively reach: bumpers, front grills, windshields, pickup truck rear windows, rear license plates, and more. Why is this so important? The cutting edge technology which only we carry enables us to provide you with the gold standard in automobile cleaning services. You don't have to worry about the hassle of getting out of your car and popping quarters in an outdated machine anymore. Forget about straining yourself trying to lug around an awkward hose in an attempt to get those hard to reach spots. Spend your Sunday afternoons relaxing on the porch instead of breaking out the old sponge and suds. Brannon Express pens in well to your busy schedule and will give you more time to spend on doing the things you want to do. With our affordable wash packages and reliable service, you'll never think of going anywhere else!

Safe Washing

With our technology, there is a far less chance of scratching or damaging your vehicle. You won't find our robotic design anywhere else in the entire state which means you're running a much higher risk of damaging your automobile by going to other car washes. Brannon Express soft touch equipment implements Envirosoft 2nd Generation closed cell foam, so it does not retain water or particles like some materials. As a result, the brush is up to 100% lighter than other Car Wash materials. We want to ensure that your car is as beautiful as possible for as long as possible. Remember, A Clean Car Drives Better and Last Longer!!

The Best just got Better! Towel Dry Now Included on ALL WASHES!!!


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